The Leverage Advantage Collaborative Business Booster

The Leverage Advantage Collaborative Business Booster

with Training and Facilitation by Robin Elliott

Vancouver  August 17 – See HERE

Tired of attending seminars and leaving worn out, and then by the time you catch up with all the stuff that is waiting for you at home and at the office, you have forgotten most of what you learned in the seminar and you end up actually IMPLEMENTING  very little of it? We have changed that!

Robin J. ElliottIf you have attended one of Robin Elliott’s Collaborative Business Boosters, you will know that it stands head and shoulders above any conventional networking event or seminar. For real results instead of vague promises and pitches, these participation workshop events are unparalleled and unique, principally because of the trainer-facilitator.

It has long been proven that the fastest and most effective way to boost your sales and profits is through collaboration with other businesses, also known as Joint Ventures or Strategic Alliances. This Leveraged Marketing is a powerful system that any business owner, large or small, with the proper understanding and guidance, can take advantage of. And it can start paying off immediately.

Instead of attending a seminar where you are blasted with a heap of information and exciting ideas that you quickly forget, these Collaborative Business Boosters are designed to put actual deals in place in real time with others attending the event. The result? Real business, real cash flow, real value. No more stringing along by silver tongued pitchmen. No more hoping and waiting.

The Leverage Advantage Collaboration Business Boosters are all about production and execution. Robin J. Elliott is a world leader in this field, having specialized in it since 1987. He has conducted seminars and coached business owners from a large variety of industries in Africa, England, the United States, and Canada. At these events, he personally shares his vast experience, trains, and facilitates actual deals and Joint Ventures between the attendees.

You choose whom you wish to work with, you choose the terms of your deals; you are in full control.

If you are tired of wasting your time and money on offers and propositions that never materialize and you’re serious about boosting your sales and profits, apply to join us. You’ll be glad you did.

More information here.

If you are interested in Hosting one of these events by Mr. Elliott in your area or city, contact him here with your contact information.


August 17, Vancouver BC ~ Reservations Here

4th Floor, Scotia Bank Cineplex Entertainment Theater, 900 Burrard Street, Vancouver. 9am – 12 noon. $29 per person – Limited Seating. To reserve a seat or to be a sponsor, contact Richard:

Saturday, MAY 11 , Victoria, Vancouver Island, BC 9am – 12 noon Vacation Inn 3020 Douglas Street, Victoria $29 per person – Limited Seating

To Reserve a Seat or to be a Sponsor, please email Doug Popadynec: with your name, email address, and phone number.

June 8, Vancouver BC

4th Floor, Scotia Bank Cineplex Entertainment Theater, 900 Burrard Street, Vancouver. 9am – 12 noon. $29 per person – Limited Seating. To reserve a seat or to be a sponsor, contact Richard:


One of the BEST informing seminars I have ever attended. Robin was to the point and very clear about the approach. I have learned tons about Joint Ventures and I met some influential people there.

Right after the meeting some of the members contacted me and we instantly started to JV with them. I am very happy I made the time and went to the meeting. I hope I can meet more people like Robin.

Thank you again for the lovely meeting.
Amin Lahijani March 5, 2013


“Robin, I was very pleasantly surprised and delighted by your workshop. As you know I travelled from the island especially for this and that takes a big commitment of time and money (overnight accommodation, ferry cost, not to mention 4 hours travelling time each way) I was not disappointed.

When you are a senior level entrepreneur it can be a challenge to find a workshop that promises help to leverage your resources and increase your bottom line, and actually delivers. Your workshop delivered, I met valuable business connections at a senior level (not needy desperate start-ups) and I am excited about our joint venture possibilities.”

Julie Salisbury February 10, 2013
Founder and Facilitator InspireABook


I have known Robin Elliott for close to 10 years and have worked with him on several projects over this time.
I have always found Robin to be professional, to the point and extremely well connected.

This past Saturday I attended one of his Collaborative Business Boosters. Since we’ve been working together for so long I was there to support and hopefully meet some new people.

As it turned out I learned a couple of things I wasn’t expecting that will make our business some additional contacts and revenues immediately.
I also met 3 new potential clients as a direct result.

I would recommend Robin to anyone looking to increase their revenues or introduce new promotion ideas ( that won’t cost you anything to implement).

Thanks, Robin.

Scott Berg
Managing Partner
Trade Exchange Canada
P: 604.294.5881


“I attended Robin’s workshop and found that he delivered what he promised. Robin is forthright and wastes no time. He is a captivating speaker and connects with his audience.

I highly recommend his services to anyone wanting to increase their business as well as assist others to do the same.”


Service Category: Business Consultant
Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, Good Value

Leslie Fierling Feb 16, 2013


“ Robin has a reputation of bringing action takers under one roof and this is what I witnessed this past Saturday. I was looking forward to seeing the close inside circle of connections that are there to make business deals by helping one another using their resources towards a common goal.

I am pleased that I found Robin’s credible connections and I am looking forward to building a meaningful relationship with them.”

Sunny Draganoff ~ Founder
Opportunities Only Investor Club


I recently attended this seminar.

Robin has the ability to open our eyes to immediate opportunities. Joint Ventures are all around us – we need to look for them and more importantly, act on them.
Robin will give you the tools to do both – and profitably.

Thank you, Robin.

Gordon P. Johnson


“Today I attended Robins’ Collaborative Business Booster. Even if you approach business as a collaborative process when you walk in the door, he’ll give you some insights that will focus your efforts, and make the whole process more profitable.

What I like most about Robin is his approach. No nonsense, straight to the point, but still very fun and engaging. If you get a chance, it’s for sure worth the time and energy. Thanks Robin”

Anthony C Taylor – March 3, 2013


Last Saturday I attended this morning session on joint ventures delivered by Robin. If you have an opportunity, attend this session. We not only learned about joint ventures, an area seeming mysterious to me until this session, but had the opportunity to create joint ventures with the other attendees. How unusual – learn and potentially make money, who does this?

Robin Elliott does this and with an engaging style, professional presentation and direct honesty. This is a man that wants you to win.

If you don’t attend the next session he offers it is because you are not really in business but I am sure you love the coffee you have at meetups or one-on-ones.

Andrew Mackey, March 3, 2013


Robin J. Elliott

Robin J. Elliott