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This is a small selection of what some of our Clients and Friends have to say…

I could brag about how I built a team of over 7,000 in less than a year (I did – now over 12,000), how I built  DollarMakers to 1,000 paying Members (I did), and how I managed to retire twice (I did), but I suggest you read, instead, what other people (real people) say about me. Never believe the salesman.

RECEIVED November, 2017

“Becoming an IPS Safety Inc Distributor is one of the best steps I made in a business decision. I have been involved in other businesses that did not have any length to them and the ended in a few years or sooner. In specific; I was in Network marketing, Affiliate marketing, MLM groups and several others. I have looked of a solid legal business for years, which would have the longevity I was looking for. I was in my own sole proprietorship for sixteen years and I knew I needed a change due to my body having several injuries in my own business.

“I liked and loved working with people and solving challenges and issues they faced. I was able to take my talents and assets from my past business experience and apply them to the IPS Safety Inc business of helping seniors with their families, and caregivers but to different areas as well. I used these assets to my distributorship in starting with a smaller area and I was surprised by what happened. I was given a bigger area for my Distributorship and now I have 3 major cities and all the smaller towns in Alberta as part of a blessing from the Company.

“IPS Safety Inc has given me a longer brighter future to look forward to due to the baby boomers market which will be for several years to come. I also have been able to move forward and incorporate my own business due to becoming an Independent Distributor for IPS Safety Inc. This has given me even more leverage in the market by starting other referral groups with other professional businesses.

“I also want to add, the leadership in Robin Elliott and Ken Chahal has been absolutely unbelievable. With their business experience, I am truly amazed at how much these two business leaders have really helped me. I thought I knew business but with the Mentoring, Coaching, Leadership, their friendship, and guidance not only helped me in my distributorship but it has also helped me in my personal life as well. Both Robin and Ken have become close friends and the ones I turn to the most for any advice, they are there for me every time I need them. They are truly two men who practice what they preach and are absolutely honest business people who want to see the best in all. Their honesty leads them to integrity with trust and this is what I looked for in the beginning. They have not lead me astray in any way and are right on target with everything.

“For anyone looking for an opportunity, whether it is in business or as a Distributor or sales personnel for IPS Safety Inc with Robin Elliott and Ken Chahal it is the best decision you could make as I did.

“With sincere gratitude and appreciation for your vision of developing IPS Safety Inc and your brilliant leadership. I will be looking for many years and other Distributorships in Canada and the USA with this company.”

DJ Partners Limited.

Independent Distributor of IPS Safety Inc.

Southern Alberta.

RECEIVED September 2016


“I wanted to make the best recommendation I can for Robin Elliott. Since my first conversation with Robin, it became very clear that he has the purest of motives to help people in the world. He has a very sincere and straightforward approach to business and life, and pulls no punches when it comes to his expertise in the joint-venturing field.

His willingness to share with others based on his decades of experience is not found very many places in the world today, and his personality is a welcomed breath of fresh air.” Jon Davis, Greater Nashville Area, TN.

RECEIVED March 2016

18e459c“I have had the unique pleasure of working with Robin and I have to say it’s been long since I have met someone with his desire to assist others in succeeding in their lives. As a trainer myself, I know the feeling of watching someone achieve their goals.

This is exactly what Robin does for others. He is committed and dedicated to one thing: that is your success. I would highly recommend if you get a chance to work with him, you grab the opportunity; you won’t regret it.” Lindsay Benard Executive Director for Training and Development at Ellembey Training

RECEIVED February 2016

11027445_10153064143166849_4022957018543483218_n “I’ve worked with Robin Elliott for more than a decade and we’ve made a lot of money and had a lot of fun together! He is a master of Joint Ventures and creating streams of income  with no money and no risk by brokering win-win relationships. He has publishes a phenomenal blog and has lots of expertise to contribute.”

Colin Skow, Entrepreneur, San Diego, California

RECEIVED September 2015


I have known Mr. Robin Elliott for decades, dating back to when I first came to Vancouver from my adopted city of Ontario via Manitoba and Quebec.

He deports himself well and is a man of integrity with a sterling reputation.

His business continues to flourish ~ a reality based testament to the utilitarian efficacy of his endeavours over these many years.

Dr. Sam Sussman, Ph.D.
Adjunct Assistant Professor of Psychiatry
Department of Psychiatry
Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry
Western University
Fellow (Overseas) Royal Society of Medicine(UK)
Fellow Royal Academy of Medicine in Ireland
World Association of Medical Editors (WAME)


Hi Robin,

zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz I want to thank you for all that you do, especially for that video you sent out yesterday. I really enjoyed it and learned a lot from it. I also like to express my gratitude and  respect for how much you care about your downline. You tend to reach deep into your downline. Out of all the network marketing businesses I’ve done in the past, I’ve never  experienced an upline doing that. Not saying it didn’t exist, only that I’ve never experienced it. Thank you!

Regards, Tony Boutros


RECEIVED April, 2015

    “I finxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxd Robin Elliott to be an astute business Affiliate with a myriad of gifts, talents and abilities. He gives of himself selflessly in his role as Karatbars Gold Director Elite     and it is with extreme pleasure that I highly recommend Robin as a man of integrity and influence. “

  Merle E. Wideman, OceanicGold4U, Bronze Supervisor, Fort St John, BC, Canada


RECEIVED March 26, 2015

carl“Robin Elliott is a driven and no holds barred type of coach and mentor. Robin is honest and “tells it like it is; no sugar coating” had has tremendous business success of more than a dozen business management / coaching books to his credit. I highly recommend Robin advice and guidance for anyone serious about improving their business and financial situation.”

Carl Mazur PhD Founder at Income Properties International, LLC Vancouver BC

RECEIVED: July 2014

23f2d13“Robin Elliott is a very inspirational, motivational and educated speaker that will have you running your business in a way that you never experienced before!

The training you get from Robin is bar none the finest you will get anywhere and you can apply it immediately and see results right away. It’s the best investment I made!”

Shawn Arbeau, Chilliwack, British Columbia, Canada


RECEIVED: June 2014

Joel Gay, Waco, Texas


RECEIVED: February 2014

Darrell Backen, Vancouver

RECEIVED: November 2013

Roland Plummer rolandhplummer.com Toronto November 2013

Scott Berg, Principal, Trade Exchange Canada, Vancouver

Luke Fatooros, Principal, BizRenovators.com and JointVenturesforLife.com Gold Coast, Australia.


I’ve known Robin Elliott for a decade now. We worked together on several joint venture projects and made quite a bit of money together.36e0a71

Robin is the real deal, he’s full of genius ideas that instantly add to the bottom line, and I admire very much the ethics and integrity that he brings to every deal. He coached me when I was fresh out of college, and his influence has contributed a great deal to the business man I am today.

Colin Skow San Diego April 2014


By working with Robin in the last 5 months, I have catapulted my knowledge in success principles and shortened my learning by years. I have also forged strategic connections and associations that would have taken me years2709969 to cultivate if ever at all. He walks his talk and comes from a place of experience and “knowing” because he actually “does” (or has done) what he teaches and preaches.

Ian Alexander Kwan Toronto


I have known Robin for a number of years now…have seen him present and have seen him interact with those he works with… he is focused and helpful and dedicated to helping people grow and become more successful.376007_10150487351640973_738250768_n

Bob Hooey: Edmonton, Alberta


I met Robin earlier this year and since then he has opened my eyes to the possibilities that joint ventures provide, in a way I never previously understood. In the short time I have known him, he has proven himself to be a 19e4d3cman who keeps his word, who is extremely reliable, and who is incredibly intelligent about creating systems to generate passive income streams. I look forward to working with him further in the coming weeks and months!

Brenda Cadman BonAccord Creative Vancouver BC


RECEIVED: October 2013 Robin Elliott is extremely knowledgeable and has an amazing amount of experience. 2745890 (1) He’s also an upstanding member of the Business community.

Arno Joubert, Sales and Marketing Representative at Avnet Electronics Marketing


I met Robin in 2006, after listening to an audio my father purchased of his. I then attended a Joint Venture Bootcamp he had in Toronto (I drove across Canada to be there). Everything met and exceeded my expectations. (For my experience at that amazing Bootcamp, click here.)05df62f I’ve since worked with Robin personally on a few projects, including creating a full online course with him around his joint venture training. What I can say about Robin Elliott is that he’s a man who follows through on his word, and means what he says. The business advice and training you can get from Robin will pale in comparison to the life lessons and wake up calls you’ll receive each time you are speaking with this man. If you do what you say, and say what you do – you’ll find your working relationship with Robin Elliott be prosperous.

Shawn Christenson, Edmonton AB


Over the 30 years that I have been associated with Robin (both personally and in business) I have developed immense respect for his intellect and insight; his tenacity when it comes to difficult situations; his thirst for new 644383_10151571436668428_983971921_nknowledge; his versatility and wide range of interests, his irrepressible sense of humor – but above all his loyalty and integrity. He holds himself to a very high standard and delivers only the best – not only to please the other party, but to live up to his own expectations of excellence. If you are only prepared to settle for the Best, make use of Robin Elliott’s advice and services.

Marnus Roothman, Pretoria, South Africa BA Hons (Media Science); Assessor (SAQA), Mastermind Marketing (Abraham Foundation, USA).Owner and CEO, Body & Mind Foundation Innovative Marketing Solutions


I have always gotten great ideas from Robin, and found him focused and creative. Robin ran a series of workshops in Edmonton that I attended, and I attended 3 times as I found myself filled with great info and inspired ideas. 1384125_10151934457855973_899800531_n Since then, I have had other opportunities that I would not have seen or sought had it not been for Robin’s influence. I find I can sit down with almost any small business owner, and within minutes be able to offer ideas that they perhaps haven’t thought of before. I’m not even a business coach! However, I find Robin to have that (profit) Ability to a very high degree! I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him.”

Jeff Olson – Edmonton AB


I have attended Robin’s lectures and have worked with him on various projects and found him most knowledgeable in business matters and very honest in his dealings.31b8d54

Barrie Briggs Whistler Nutraceauticals Inc. Chilliwack, BC


I met Robin first time in 2006 in Toronto and he was highly recommended by my long time friend Navtaj Chandhoke. Robin’s one day seminar was truly a gift. He is straight forward, a “LION”, a living legend in his profession 224081_6608602917_6699_nwho proves that any type of business can sky rocket in any economy by following his strategies. I recommend him to anyone who is serious to take his/her business to next level.

Sushma Bahri, Insurance & Financial Consultant, Toronto


I’ve known Robin since early 1998, soon after I arrived in Canada as a new immigrant. I met him a a Chamber of Commerce event, and we found our common ground ground in Ayn Rand’s books and views. 227787_6713477526_9883_n Then I attended several of his presentations and joined some of the opportunities he recommended. I regard him as an exemplar of an entrepreneur with the utmost integrity and respect for honest capitalists. This is vital because we live in an age when it’s become fashionable to bash capitalism and capitalists. He offered me significant help to establish my fledgling business in Canada and also introduced me to many his contacts that resulted in business for me. One thing I very highly respect in Robin is that he “can’t be bought”. He holds his values and principles higher than his desire for money. And I think this is the secret of his blazing success. All in all, I regard Robin as a friend and mentor who helped me to become both a better person and a smarter businessman. I know I still have a long way to go, but his friendship keeps me on the right track and burns the fire of my aspiration and inspiration to wake up every morning wanting to achieve more.

Tom “Bald Dog” Varjan, Vancouver, BC


I have known and worked with Robin for ten years now. I have most of his books, have participated in his Mentorship programs and attended his workshops and boot camps.1016846_10151735437935539_359285574_n By leveraging his knowledge and his strategies, I have converted many of my competitors into business partners and have increased my revenues, and most importantly my profits, well over 500%. All without adding staff, extra building space and unnecessary overhead. Robin is a straight-shooting, no BS pragmatist. If you APPLY his strategies, you literally cannot lose and have everything to gain. However, if you simply read his books, listen to his words and nod your head, don’t expect magic – his strategies are spot on. Implementation and responsibility is up to you!

Greg Douglas, Sep Tech Canada, Admonton, Alberta


Robin knows how to help small and medium sized businesses make more money, with less risk. He literally wrote the book on it!0d58c49 Don’t expect to get coddled or stroked; rather, if you’re into taking personal responsibility for your future, and want to learn the tools to be self-sustaining in business, listen to what Robin has to say. I did, and I’m the better man for it.

Patrick Giesbrecht, Abbotsford, BC Giesbrecht, Goodrich & Co


I have known Robin for a number years, first meeting at a Joint venture workshop. I was immediately and continue to be amazed by Robin’s ability to look at a company’s marketing and selling issues and come up with a viableDaveRodwell-1 solution.

We all have assets that are under utilized. Robin has the uncanny ability to teach you how to take those same assets and turn them into money in your pocket. You can’t go wrong in following this man’s advice if you want to make money.

David Rodwell, Edmonton, Alberta. President of D.E. Rodwell Investigative Services and SecuritySpeaking.com


247332_200240900020093_724213_n (1)I met Robin Elliott through the training seminars he used to run in London. He has great, sound business knowledge. especially in the field of joint ventures, joint venture brokering and various collaborative marketing techniques.

He showed me a nice, stress free way of making money by creating win-win, no cost or risk deals for business owners. I remember thinking while attending his first training seminar “at last I don’t have to try and make money by making someone join my downline.” He is a real and down to earth person. He is highly supportive especially when replying to emails. A true professional.”

Stuart Croll, London, United Kingdom


I’ve gone through some of Robin’s training, read a few of his books, and been on training calls with him. His kick butt, no-excuses approach to life will make you realize that you have to man-up and be a leader.06e3ed8 He is not just inspirational. He challenges you to get the most out of yourself.

Brian Bilgere, Computer Software  Greater St. Louis Area, U.S.


September 2013 http://youtu.be/93w2bdfEQp4

Susan Lee, Limina Spa New Westminster BC


I have been following the career of Robin Elliott for many years. My first introduction to him was through his published books. I enjoyed Robin’s “no-nonsense” approach, He works well with other committed and motivated 29ac176people to help them improve their bottom line.

If you want more success, instead of more hype, contact Robin for his expertise in collaborative marketing.

Diana Young #1 Amazon best-selling author financialfitnessbooks.com


I’ve had the privilege to do some joint ventures with Robin and consider him an exceptional partner, ally, and marketing mind.2ffa9a7 I highly recommend Robin if you are looking for innovative ways to grow your business and income.

Troy White Edmonton AB


I have know Robin Elliott for many years. He is passionate, knowledgeable, and understands how to leverage relationships.”1f5b462

Daniel Wolfson, B.Sc. CHS Vancouver BC


“I love the way Robin sets up a collaborative working relationships. I appreciate his teaching – it’s straight to the point, giving you all the tools you need. During the session you actually start to connect.15e788c

I walked away with two new customers and working referral relationship! My time is tight and valuable, and time spent in his workshop is WELL WORTH IT!! Quality all the way, in every aspect!”

Gail Watson Online Marketing Solutions, Keynote Speaker Vancouver BC


“Having 26 years’ experience and written 15 books on the subject, to say that Robin Elliott is an expert in profitable and successful Joint Ventures would be an understatement. 23978ce

The successes of Robin are well documented, helping organizations implement the use joint ventures, coaching them, their distributors, franchisees, and other stakeholders to increase their sales and profits quickly, efficiently, and with little to no cost or risk.”

Michael Wittke LSSYB  Management Consultant, Fort Worth, Texas


“Robin has many qualities of a reliable business man; he delivers what he promises, you know where you stand with him and he kindly connects people with each other. 0c23f98 I have referred all of my clients who own hair salons and spas to Robin and continue to refer people to him for leveraged marketing. Besides being a great coach, he is one of the best speakers and writers I know and enjoy reading his articles.”

Alireza Fadaie, Eng. PFP, CHS, Vancouver BC


Robin Elliott has proven to be a valuable business resource. Within a few weeks of starting his program, he referred several businesses to me for my digital marketing systems. The results were I developed an additional 19400bf$11000 per month income which is an additional $132,000 yearly income. And growing!

I would strongly recommend using his leverage advantage system. There was no risk and payment only upon success.

Darrell Backen, Port Moody, B.C. Innovations in Digital Marketing www.darrell.tel


I met Mr. Robin Elliott 10 years ago. When it comes to marketing and increasing sales and profits, Robin’s knowledge is remarkable. I attended many seminars, learned every time something new and applied the teaching multiple times in my previous business.

Robin’s marketing strategies work.319fc45 I recommend Robin Elliott to any business owner that wishes to prosper and make more money.

Lucie Woods, Champions In Training Now, Vancouver


August 201334319_411231355613_2626270_n “Excellent seminar today. Not only is Robin funny, he is very smart as well. You can’t lose following Robins ideas.”

Jeff Stark, Vancouver B.C.


I met Mr. Elliott at an event that I attended, expecting to learn how to find resources for our real estate business. Mr. Elliott’s way of teaching and information was a transformation of how I now see the world! I have not only 282541_267607646588512_6618379_nlearned to leverage his knowledge in real estate but I can see opportunities everywhere!

Mr. Elliott is an upright, straight shooter that has earned my respect. When most of life’s financial education has left you floundering and searching for answers, it has been a breath of fresh air to have met Mr. Elliott!”

Merlin Covlin, Saskatchewan


I met Robin through a network marketing group here in Vancouver many years ago, and again just last year. Robin is a calm and confident master of marketing; by the end of a coffee meeting, more people know Robin than 314d676anyone else in the room. It is truly amazing to watch his focus and targeting to meet the people he needs to meet to create more assets in terms of both cash and valuable, key contacts than he spends in either time or cash.

Robin is a master marketer; anyone who wants to be successful would benefit from his time and attention. Good Luck and Happy Marketing,

Tess Lawson Vancouver


“I am excited to implement all the fantastic ideas that Robin has to grow my business and increase my profit!” 2624833

Christy Denton, Cranberries Spa, Vancouver 


When I was introduced to the world of Joint Ventures by a friend of mine – Gordon Johnson, I went out to meet potential business partners with a new open mindset.Profile Robin Elliott has been a great educator, mentor and a leader that leads by example.

Since I met him, he has been consistently delivering and introducing me with top quality referrals, thought outside the box and collaborated with me on multiple projects. I highly recommend Robin for his professionalism, leadership and systems that work!

Sunny Draganoff, Vancouver


“I am the Organizer of the Vancouver Business Network Meetup. On August 6, 2013 Mr. Robin Elliott spoke eloquently and enthusiastically to my members. The title of his presentation was “How to make money by 37a4d12introducing your contacts to each other”. Robin totally engaged the audience with his stories and the depth and breadth of his knowledge around the importance of leveraging our contacts by introducing them to each other for mutual benefit. He opened many eyes to the potential that can be realized by harnessing the power of joint ventures to make our personal and professional lives more lucrative,  pleasant and productive.”

Roger Killen, Vancouver


I’ve known Robin for many years; I had the honour of helping him to publish one of his early books.26112_109788302369180_5284344_n The most outstanding quality about him is the consistently high standards he maintains in everything he does.

The saying “how you do anything is how you do everything” might as well have been written for Robin. He walks his talk. Robin is the consummate entrepreneur; skilled, passionate, and a wonderful example for his clients. I value his integrity and his business acumen and do not hesitate to recommend him to anyone who is equally passionate about building their own business.”

Chris Braithwaite, Surry, Bristish Columbia


If you are serious about maximizing the potential of your business then you should seek Robin’s advice. He has simple but effective strategies that will enable you to leverage all areas of your business.0ab0d09 I appreciate the fact that Robin always supports the Franchise Forums that I host and in turns fosters professionalism amongst franchise companies.

Robin is has a high level of integrity and will always do what is best for you and your business.

Norm Friend, President Franchise 101 Inc. and Canada’s leading franchise expert.


I have known Robin since 1993, both as a friend and business associate; and later as a partner in various Joint Ventures.077bba6 To single out the most important influence Robin had on my life would be difficult, but I think I shall come pretty close if I state that it was his insatiable thirst to acquire new knowledge, for growing and improving himself; his unwaivering integrity in all spheres of life and business, and loyalty to his family and friends.

What makes Robin stand out from other professionals I have and still do get into contact with, is his quickness in grasping the essence of a situation, and to come up with practical, professional ways to deal with it – while at the same time ensuring that what he suggests or plans is ethical and fair to all parties concerned.

Marnus Roothman – Pretoria, South Africa


Robin has created a sound program that allows entrepreneurs to leverage their network.522812_2827843469928_887611522_n Through joint ventures, entrepreneurs can extend the reach of their marketing and improve the number of “warm leads” which are easier to convert to business. Catherine Rocheleau, Vancouver


I first met Robin two years ago this month; after rave reviews from others. He’s a professional yet also friendly and family oriented.197452_1878820005464_5569921_n When I had a consultation with him it was of  great value to my business.

Many things I’d never even thought of. He also has been wonderful at referring my company when he feels it would useful to his clients needs.

Thank-you Farhanna Virtually Yours (Assistance)


My name is Theo Krynauw, we head up a Public Benefit Organisation called Sparkle Kids- I Themba! this is a Skills development and Upliftment initiative in a Squatter camp called Zwelithle in South Africa. The older one gets the more you realise that there are certain people in your life that defined you and helped mould you into the person that you are today. I can with conviction say that Robin is such a person, he had a profound and life changing influence on my life –

We met some thirty five years ago as relatively young students in Pretoria South Africa. We were immediately 6331_1191376858229_2891754_ndrawn to each other by our mutual sense of humor and for doing things very seldom the way others would dictate. (We always got the job done faster and more efficient than others) The things we did were always driven by by our mutual care and concern for others. We traveled thousands of miles together having started a little business to fund our studies and to support our families, we did this during College vacations and over weekends. When you travel with someone in close proximity in an old run down Volvo loaded to the roof with artwork paintings on lonely roads in the night with just enough gas to get you to the next destination to try your guts out to sell a painting, you really get beyond the surface and connect with someone on a value friendship level that makes for lifelong respect and loyalty. What I am trying to say is this…I really know my friend Robin Elliott!

He is loyal beyond the call of duty, he is authentic and honest. He is very very clever and has a streetwise smartness that astounded me on many occasions. His people skills and ability to sum up a situation and get to the answer is unique in that he manages this with warmth and trust. All the qualities that I have seen in him on a friendship level I have also on many occasions seen in him on a Leadership level. I owe Robin a debt of gratitude in that he has cherished and protected our friendship right throughout all these years and has looked out for me and my family in so many ways. I am proud to call Robin my friend…

Theo Krynauw. Sparkle Kids – I Themba! ( Hope) Hermanus Western Cape South Africa (+27 82 654 4924)


I have known Robin for several years now. I have been fortunate to have participated in several of his seminars or different venues where Robin was a speaker. What an eye opener !118a9d5 Robin always practices the highest of integrity in everything he does. If you are serious about your business, take every opportunity you can to connect with and be coached by Robin. Highly recommended !”

Roman Kluka, North Vancouver


It has been over four years now since my husband and I first met Robin Elliott. We were impressed with his innovative ideas on collaboration for business from the first meeting.images899 Throughout the past 4+ years, we have worked with Robin on different joint ventures.

He is the most stellar business associate we have ever worked with. Robin always practices the highest of integrity in everything he does. We know that when Robin says he will do something, he always gets it done and then some. What he teaches really works! I highly recommend you take your first opportunity to connect with Robin to start working with him…that is, if you want to make good money on the back end of your business.

Christine Till, Port Coquitlam BC


It is my pleasure to recommend Robin Elliott. I have known of Robin for a good number of years in fact I believe I was at the first course he gave on Joint Ventures in Canada.215602_1030632059515_9887_a I have found Robin to be quite knowledgeable in business strategies and in the art of deal making. I have also found over the many years that his honesty and integrity are beyond reproach. Although I am suppose to be retired from active business I am considering another venture and have no hesitation in consulting with Robin for additional guidance. Feel free to contact me if you wish further specifics.

Barrie Briggs: Chilliwack, British Columbia


I have known Robin for 8 years. Have first met him when I joined what is now called “The Leverage Advantage System” and later met him in various business events and settings. 010f4ba (1) I find Robin to be very knowledgeable and creative. Have an hour of conversation with Robin and you have material for thoughts for an entire week. Robin is always committed to other business owner success and has high standards in all his business activities.

Michelle Castillo Vancouver


I have known Robin for over 15 years. He has always delivered more than promised and is an astute businessman.224673_19162585024_6543_n I have been fortunate to have participated in several of his seminars and have forged great relationships and done business as a result. I highly recommend Robin as a business coach and Joint Venture expert.Darrell Ross, New Westminster July 2013



 “I have known Robin Elliott for about 15 years and have attended a number of his seminars.2079_57825235158_5918_n Robin is an outstanding entrepreneur and knows what it takes to develop and maintain successful businesses. I especially note his ability to joint market venture and think out of the box to market businesses. To connect with Robin in any fashion will go along way in improving your business.”

Dave Rodwell, Edmonton


I first met Robin Elliott at a networking function.308461_10150292238524215_7929881_t As a joint venture specialist Robin graciously provides eye-opening insight’s, strategic introduction’s, and proves himself several time’s over. On top of the above Robin is a great guy!

I gladly recommend collaboration with Robin Elliott.

Daniel Woo, Vancouver


“I have known Robin Elliott for several years. I have attended many of his training seminars on Joint Ventures.3141_75808968107_1143413_t He is a great coach and presenter. I have found him to be very prompt and dependable in my interactions with him and he always demonstrates a high level of business practices.”

Norma Audain, Toronto


We had the pleasure of having Robin J. Elliott as one of the speakers of Vancouver Business Network on our stage.62283_show

Robin is a great educator and presenter. Every time he left the audience amazed with the content that he delivered.

Iman Biock Aghay, Port Coquitlam


I have known Robin J. Elliott for a number of years and have read all the material that I purchased and and received from him in regard to joint ventures. I have taken the Joint Venture Broker Program called ” How to Create33904_158523894169275_6247978_n Wealth for Life using Joint Ventures,” let me tell you it was worth every penny investing in this program. I have learned so much with the step by step and the videos, packed with so much information that it made my brain 10 times bigger with all joint venture ideas. The JV Broker program has trained me in such a positive way, that I decided to put it to the test.

This it what I did making a long story short: I have sealed 4 JV Deals, they are a Knife Sharpening Service and was able to bring in about 50 customers, another was I helped a small construction company increase sales and bring in 20 more customers, I helped a shipper save about 30% of his freight cost and connected him with logistics company, and last I helped a commercial/residential cleaner who also does gardener yard cleaning increase his business by 35%, all by using joint venture strategies that I learn from the program. Not all deals were successful, but over time I worked at it and got better at it.

What I really like about the program its tells you how to approach and what to say to a Product/service owner, and also with a list customer owner. That is the beauty of this program, joint ventures can be so complicated depending on the deal and how the person works at it, but by following the instructions step by step and watching the videos with tons of examples, you really can not go wrong.

I would recommend this Program to anyone with a brain who wants to turn a part time business into a full time income. I am presently doing JV Brokering on a part time basis, and also actually using it in my professional work too. And the best thing about it is it is affordable to anyone. So listen to Mr. Robin J. Elliott the JV Master Broker. Robin thank you for the opportunity of following your program, I see things changing for the good, and I see opportunity every where with my JV Glasses on.

Pat Montagano, Montreal, July 14, 2013

June 2013

“I have known Robin from afar for several years, and watched as he built his reputation as the joint venture expert that he is known as today. I have recently spent some time exploring possible ventures we can embark on 39b9dd6together, and am very excited to work with him. Robin is a straight shooter, keeps it simple, and knows how to create multiple income streams. I am very confident when I refer someone to Robin that he will assess the opportunity fairly and bring value and integrity to the conversation. Oh, and did I mention he can do magic too?”

Janice Porter, Vancouver. Customer Loyalty & Retention Specialist at JanicePorter.com


May 2013

“I met Robin back in May 2009 after going through many ideas and so-called guru’s. Robin’s no-nonsense approach and guidance taught me strategies that I now apply within my own business, and has proven itself over and 161b8faover. Some strategies work within my business; others will not.

The key to using Robin’s strategies do not lie with using any one particular strategy, but to use multiple variations in order to ensure success. I’m extremely grateful to have met someone of Robin’s character. Not only do I consider himself a mentor, but also a friend. Thanks for all you do and for who you are!”

Dick Low EagerBeaverWebWerx.com

Robin really does have a way to show you how to make $$. I’ve known him for years and taken his courses/seminars and have done JVs myself and have seen what he can do. He’s a no nonsense guy with a weird sense of 6686672 (1)humour and he will work your butt off but you will succeed if you follow his instructions and do it. He selects the people he wants to work with and if you’re lucky enough to be one, you’ll have an amazing ride.

Joyanna Anthony, Vancouver, May 26, 2013 http://www.theideaparty.ca/


Within a matter of days, Robin J. Elliott has expanded my awareness of creative business strategy. He consistently projects a positive philosophy towards helping others achieve their goals.21b6366 (1)

Robin is a disciplined business leader and an expert in assisting business owners to increase profits and sales through joint ventures. I give him my highest recommendation.

Yours faithfully, Garett Campbell-Wilson, Owner of Gcamwil Studio of Art April 2013 “DISCOVER HOW TO TAKE YOUR BUSINESS FROM GOOD TO GREAT!”

There have been a number of wonderful things written about Robin J. Elliott, I wish to add my humble endorsement to that number… Since the age of 12 years old, my life path has included the development of an extensive Entrepreneurial Sales, Marketing, Advertising and Business background resulting in great success in several fields of endeavor – Having been an avid enthusiast of Self Development for over 30 years, I have successfully completed over 200 Classes, Advanced Training Seminars, Courses and Webinars, and have myself become a Consultant, Mentor, and Investor in the field of US and Canadian Real Estate. What is the result of all of this education? A well-rounded knowledge base, practical business acumen and the ability to differentiate the “REAL DEAL from the WRONG DEAL.”

Then, I met Robin J. Elliott, The Joint Venture Master … here is what I have come to know; WOW! FABULOUS! Robin is the “Real Deal!!!” In my dealings with Robin, he has proven himself to be a remarkably knowledgeable, power-packed, no-nonsense guy – WHO DELIVERS! He effectively communicates his experience, strength and hope of “What to do and how to do it” in the area of Joint Venturing, in such a refreshing way … he is truly BRILLIANT!!! His successful track record speaks for itself. Robin’s Business Models, if applied correctly, will literally change your mind-set in the way you think of doing business, by changing the way you DO business – greatly expanding your opportunities to create multiple streams of passive income.

I highly recommend that you discover HOW TO JOINT VENTURE, using Robin’s techniques and strategies. As a rule, I rarely endorse individuals unless they are somehow outstanding – I am pleased to endorse Robin – He is the “Real Thing.” Robin stands out as a Top-Notch Mentor, outshining those who are mediocre “Wanna Be’s.” Our business is based on Integrity in Action – Our bonds and relationships with other professionals, as well as our business model, have been markedly strengthened by applying the Simple and Intelligent, yet Highly Effective Knowledge that Robin has generously imparted to us. We believe that Robin’s Joint Venture Methods will help you achieve the same results. He has assisted us in REVOLUTIONIZING our business in an extremely short period of time!

RichardIn all sincerity, thank you Robin, You ROCK!

Richard Cinnamon President and CEO CannelleCo International, Inc. March 2013


“What can Robin do for you? Buckle up! This guy has a freight train of fascinating information you can’t afford to miss.”
J. Thomas Hawthorn, March 6, 2013 inDemand Seminars Group, Phoenix, Arizona
“Robin pulls no punches in talking with business owners about the thing that matters most to them: how to create tangible opportunities to make more profit with a clear system. His direct approach is refreshing and exactly what business owners need. The Leverage Advantage workshop was full of practical examples and opened my eyes to the opportunities that Joint Ventures give my business. Robin did a fantastic job of educating about Joint Ventures and then created opportunities in real time to leverage the other high quality business people in the room for our mutual benefit. I highly recommend Robin as a must-have resource for serious business owners to increase their bottom line.”
Anne Whitmore, CPCC March 05, 2013 Divafish Communications
One of the BEST informing seminars I have ever attended. Robin was to the point and very clear about the approach. I have learned tons about Joint Ventures and I met some influential people there.  Right after the meeting some of the members contacted me and we instantly started to JV with them. I am very happy I made the time and went to the meeting. I hope I can meet more people like Robin. Thank you again for the lovely meeting.
Regards, Amin Lahijani TonerParts.com March 5, 2013
Last Saturday I attended a morning session on joint ventures delivered by Robin. If you have an opportunity, attend this session. We not only learned about joint ventures, an area seeming mysterious to me until this session, but had the opportunity to create joint ventures with the other attendees. How unusual – learn and potentially make money, who does this? Robin Elliott does this and with an engaging style, professional presentation and direct honesty. This is a man that wants you to win. If you don’t attend the next session he offers it is because you are not really in business but I am sure you love the coffee you have at meetups or one-on-ones.
Andrew Mackey, March 3, 2013 empowerment-seminars.com
I have known Robin Elliott for close to 10 years and have worked with him on several projects over this time. I have always found Robin to be professional, to the point and extremely well connected. This past Saturday I attended one of his Collaborative Business Boosters. Since we’ve been working together for so long I was there to support and hopefully meet some new people. As it turned out I learned a couple of things I wasn’t expecting that will make our business some additional contacts and revenues immediately. I also met 3 new potential clients as a direct result. I would recommend Robin to anyone looking to increase their revenues or introduce new promotion ideas ( that won’t cost you anything to implement). Thanks, Robin.
Scott Berg, March 3, 2013 Managing Partner Trade Exchange Canada P: 604.294.5881
Robin is professional and a no nonsense coach, he has helped me understand and allowed me and my wife to see so much potential beyond what we do as a business. He also walks his talk by putting us in the room with people to JV with and also people who can become resources and in turn that we can be resources too for the benefit of both parties.
With the help and assistance of his wife Rika his presentations and events, I’ve been to three so far, are filled with only great people filtered by the things he teaches. He won’t do it all for you but, it’s pretty damn close. Thank you Robin for all you’ve taught me so far, I’m excited to implement what I’ve learned within the next week to 10 days.
Zachary Croxen – Owner, Sign Fast Signs, March 2, 2013
February 2013 
I had the privilege to meet Robin shortly I arrived in Canada in 1998. We met at the Surrey Chamber of Commerce. He told me about the beauty of joint ventures, and I started paying serious attention to his views on business. What really struck me in him was his quiet, reserved, yet outspoken style and the fact that he never let business issues overshadow his personal and family life. He truly lived the “business is just a means to a better life” mantra, and I liked it. Before him, I’d heard some business gurus say that if you want to have a successful business, you might as well give up on your personal life. Over the years, more and more of his wisdom has rubbed off on me.
To his repeated encouragement, I read Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged, and then I read All of Rand’s work I could have access to. Through Ayn Rand, Robin had opened my eyes to a “new” mindset, and to the reality that being a capitalist is a good thing. having carried the burden of raised in communism, I had somewhat distorted views about capitalism. Robin spelt it out that capitalism really is a fair value exchange between consenting adults. I participated in his Dollarmakers Joint Venture club, and made several valuable friends. I can confidently say that Robin has made the biggest positive impact on my life in Canada.
Tom Varjan Feb 24, 2013 – www.varjan.com
I recently attended this seminar.  Robin has the ability to open our eyes to immediate opportunities. Joint Ventures are all around us – we need to look for them and more importantly, act on them. Robin will give you the tools to do both – and profitably.
Thank you, Robin.
Gordon P. Johnson LinkedIn Profile
“I attended Robin’s workshop and found that he delivered what he promised. Robin is forthright and wastes no time. He is a captivating speaker and connects with his audience.  I highly recommend his services to anyone wanting to increase their business as well as assist others to do the same.” Service Category: Business Consultant Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, Good Value
“Robin, I was very pleasantly surprised and delighted by your workshop [Collaborative Business Booster]. As you know I travelled from the island especially for this and that takes a big commitment of time and money (overnight accomodation, ferry cost, not to mention 4 hours travelling time each way) I was not disappointed.
When you are a senior level entrepreneur it can be a challenge to find a workshop that promises help to leverage your resources and increase your bottom line, and actually delivers. Your workshop delivered, I met valuable business connections at a senior level (not needy desperate start-ups) and I am excited about our joint venture possibilities.”
Julie Salisbury February 10, 2013 Founder and Facilitator InspireABook www.inspireabook.com
January 2013 “Robin’s experience in joint venturing, and creating back end income have become very important in my business. By Robin sharing his knowledge and experience of these subjects, his own coupled with a proven track record, has allowed me to have full trust in him, and to know that I have finally found a tried, tested, and true professional.
I do not normally work with coaches, and mentors, and am a firm believer of trusting myself to move things forward, but after researching Robin, reading his newsletters, emails, books, and seeing his testimonials (from real people) I took the plunge and requested Robin’s services to take our business to a whole new level.
Since Robin and I have started working together, there has been a positive, fundamental shift in our business, and armed with Robin’s tools, experience, and support is a key component in our growth strategy. If you want to anchor the foundation of your business for hyper-growth, I would highly recommend Robin J. Elliott, and his ethical, proven, business services.” Service Category: Business Consultant Year first hired: 2012 Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity
Michael Mayr, 3D Line Locating Thorsby, Alberta January 24, 2013
I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Robin through our mutual involvement with Rapid Time Networks.
Robin is respected by our team for his knowledge with joint venture opportunities. He is a professional at linking good business people together. I introduce him to my new clients without hesitation for his insight and to learn from his experience.
Doug Anderson datoptalent.com
December 2012
 “Robin J. Elliott is a no-nonsense professional who does all things in business and life at a high level. If you look up the words honour, candor, or integrity in the dictionary you may just see a picture of Robin in the caption, and if you know anything about his work you will know that is exactly how he structures his teachings and his business model. Since I have followed Robin’s lessons and business information I have elevated my game and learned to play large. Thank you Robin J. Elliott!!”
Mike Storm December 30,2012 www.ownyourownhomenow.ca www.rent2buyhome.ca
“I first met Robin at the MMS (Marketing Mastering Summit) in Dec.2011. I listened to Robin’s great presentation about JV Marketing (Joint Venture). I learned from Robin the basic JV principles, then I took  advantage of his free call consultation and I got some ideas to improve my business using JV’s.
At the end of 2012 I’m glad to share more of Robin’s resources on social media. Robin has extensive expertise on JV and he helped many entrepreneurs to increase their sales. Robin is focused on profit bottom line. On his website, he prepares comprehensive articles and video resources to help you understand your goals and how to reach them. I also appreciate that Robin likes to collaborate on social media. I am glad to warmly recommend Robin as an excellent business mentor and JV partner. If you want to succeed in your business endeavours, you MUST listen to what he has to say!”
Lucian Mihailescu Dec 30, 2012 lucianwebservice.com
“Robin J. Elliott was the first person I heard speak about Joint Ventures (JV’s) in a professional setting. I’d been working on JV’s for most of my adult working life, but without much success. Most people can’t understand that life is not a zero sum game.
I recommend that everyone take his courses and read his books on the subject if you really want to improve your financial situation or see your business grow without risk.”
Eldean Dickenson, Managing Director, Wheatfield Financial Group Inc. Niagara On The Lake, Ontario, Canada December 20, 2012 LinkedIn
Hi Robin, Just a quick note to let you know how awesome I believe this course is. I decided to purchase the entire course all at once, just two days ago. I am on Module 4 and having a difficult time taking breaks.  The lay out and workbooks are well presented, and Luke does a great job walking through each step.It is one of the best educational purchases I have ever made. I guess the best part of this is that it makes total sense. I am getting the concepts and have had a few “Aha” moments. Thanks again. I am looking forward to moving on and having some fun with this, and being a helpful member of the club. Although I have purchased materials in the past, I have never given any a testimonial. Some good, some bad, some just so so. This one actually qualifies as great. Thanks again.
Richard Curry, Downingtown Pennsylvania 12/12/2012
November 2012
“Robin is full of energy and went out of his way to masterfully connect and build instant trusted relationships for us with the people in his circle of influence. He is straight as an arrow with a no nonsense approach. If Robin accepts you as a client (hint: you earn it), you are in for a treat with a plethora of ideas and strategies for your business… be prepared for a shock and many pleasant surprises… Thank you Robin for being a good friend and a trusted adviser/coach. Top Qualities: Expert, High Integrity, Creative.
Tim Luu, Vancouver. November 30, 2012

October 2012

“I was fortunate to meet and learn from Robin on several occasions. Not only is he a unique voice in the business world, his Joint Venture systems are without comparison. Robin won’t tell you what you want to hear, but what you NEED to hear. His words and systems have refocused me and my business in the right and profitable direction on many occasions. If you are serious about your business, take every opportunity you can to connect with and be coached by Robin.”
Oscar Parry, Parry Solutions, Montreal. October 17, 2012
“Robin J. Elliott is an absolute master of leverage and Joint Ventures. I took a short two day course with Robin 4 years ago and have built my entire full time business around his teachings. I not only use his strategies on a daily basis, I use them as my business philosophy and with top level results. With Robin’s strategies, I was able to get out of the Rat Race in 1 year and I have used his leverage tactics in every single business dealing I have had since his training. I have hired Robin as a consultant and the dollar for dollar value is exponentially valuable. If you get a chance, please take some time to learn his systems, you will not regret working with Robin.”
Stefan Aarnio freedomway.ca Service Category: Business Consultant Year first hired: 2009 (hired more than once)
September 2012
It has been an honor and a privilege to work with Robin. He has been coaching me and has introduced me to the power of joint ventures and how to create a passive income. He is brilliant and teaches you to leverage all of your contacts and not just interior design contacts. I have been working with him for a month and he has saved me thousands of dollars in advertising costs and I have made referrals fees or commissions on sales for doing less work. I have had business coaches for close to 10 years and I believe it is mandatory for running a business!
I work with Robin Elliot and highly recommend him! I highly recommend Robin if you are looking for an innovative way to grow your business and take it to the next level. Year first hired: 2012 (hired more than once) Top Qualities: Great Results, High Integrity, Creative

Debbie Evans Debbie Evans Interior Design www.whistlerdesign.com


“Robin’s experience, background and dedication to delivering solutions are what place him above his competition.

His practical, results-only focus to his service offerings ensures a continuous win-win relationship with all of his customers and associates.” Dalton Green www.greenfinancialonline.com


August 2012 “I admire Robin a great deal. He is a refreshingly clear and direct businessman. Robin is smart , focused understands marketing. He is a huge asset to the RTN Team.”

George Moen Owner Sandwich Tree (+ 100 franchisees) Owner Blenz Coffee (+100 franchisees in three countries) Owner Rapid Time Networks and more.


“Robin’s great at…Taking small business to the next level . Thank you Robin for showing me the way to grow my business .”

Limor Friedman vancouverinthebox.com (778)228 6976


“Robin and I have been networking together since the late 90’s. He has always been, and continues to be the king of Joint Ventures. Every business owner should buy him a coffee and let him tell them how they could leverage their returns.
His passion for…building strategic alliances and joint ventures is unmatched. Robin is incredibly insightful with respect to helping his clients develop long term, sustainable and profitable relationships.”

Darrell Ross, Vancouver BC


July 2012 ” ‘Talk is cheap and money buys the whiskey’ is one of Robin’s favourite phrases. Robin (my Coach) is a fantastic advisor on how to find the money to buy the whiskey among others things. A true master in Joint ventures, and a man of the utmost sincerity and integrity. It is a pleasure and an honour to associate with Robin. He has the knowledge and experience to lead any business to success with little time and no risk. I recommend Robin Elliott because his concepts work.”

Roland Plummer July 17 2012.

“Robin’s philosophy is in line with Ayn Rand – Atlas Shrugged. Personal responsibility and accountability is paramount to achieving success.

If you are someone who is “willing to work and make it happen”….Robin is your man to help you achieve that.” Diana Young, July 12, 2012


I would like to thank Mr. Robin J. Elliott and Mr. Luke Fatooros for putting together their “How to Create Wealth for Life using Joint Ventures”program. The teachings on this course have been eye opening as well as inspiring.

Gary Levesque

This easy to follow step-by-step online course was made available to me within 24 hrs of my payment. The flexibility of studying at my own pace was a tremendous bonus as I am still juggling a family life, a J.O.B., as well as having my own business start-up. I subscribed to the website and newsletter immediately upon account activation and downloaded a number of the available e-books to begin reading as much as I could about Joint Ventures. The sheer volume of reading material available is surely worth quite a bit of money on its own.

My primary start-up business is in Rent-to-Own Real Estate investing and I had just completed a webinar on joint ventures before signing up for this course. JV’s in Real Estate investing normally means looking for money partners. I quickly learned my usual type of JV is completely different than what Mr. Elliott has been teaching folks for years – although his techniques are very applicable in my R2O business as well as most any other business niche I can think. The videos and workbooks match up very well and reinforce the teachings through active learning techniques. The bite-sized lessons are broken down by topical modules and are easily accessed for review as required. I have nothing but absolute praise for Robin & Luke’s Joint effort in putting together this course. The BEST part is how the step-by-step processes are explained and can be quickly implemented. Don’t just take their word for it – take mine! Since signing up I already have 3x separate JV arrangements using some of the different techniques shown on the course, I have been given Gift Certificates for distribution by one JV partner, I have a scheduled meeting to discuss Contingency Advertising in the morning as well as a business breakfast in two days to present my cash Referral System. Let’s not forget I now have the tools to approach one of my mentors on a huge JV idea I came up with while watching the instructional videos – and I recently discovered my mentor is also a student of Mr. Elliott’s. Here’s the coolest part. I signed up for the program exactly 33 days ago – Can you believe it! In the midst of that timeframe I was gone out of town with my J.O.B. for 10

Gary Levesque

days straight to help with flood affected areas in our region. This is by far the BEST and easiest educational program I have paid for since starting on my business path. The different payment options and 30 day trial are also a great option for anyone who isn’t sure if this program is for them. And there is still a Risk Free guarantee! This program is not just about learning, it is about ACTION and implementation! The techniques can be actioned quickly and with confidence knowing they have been tested in the real business world. Finally, I have been absolutely impressed with the direct support these two very successful businessmen have provided to me as a proverbial JV Newbie. Responsive, supportive, quick and precise – way more hands on than I ever expected. Thank you so much for the help and support! As we say in the Royal Canadian Air Force – BRAVO ZULU for a job very well done! I hope to See You on the Success Train!!!

Gary Levesque CEO/Owner V.I. Rent2Buy Victoria, BC CANADA www.VIRent2Buy.com


“Robin is an excellent Joint Venture Trainer and has a no-holds barred outlook and is very straight forward. This is something to be admired as not many have the straight talk in them. His instruction and training are outstanding and I would recommend everyone to take his courses. It is a pleasure to know Robin and I enjoy working with him.”

Pete Kauhausen


“I have had the great pleasure of working with Robin over the last several months. He brings great integrity and incredible value to his clients. The way he leverages every opportunity available to his clients is remarkable, opportunities they don’t even know exist. The doors he opens and the paradigm shifts he can make will astound.” Mark Wright Chief  Operating Officer at Natureline



“As a business person – one of the most effective tools that you can utilize is to have a coach that has more distinction than you in a given area. Robin is the one that provides that for me in several KEY business areas. He is creative, focussed, and completely committed to causing remarkable results with his clients. Spend the $ now to make more $$$ later. This is the person that will cause it with you. When you call him… tell him I said so!”

Shawn Bearman

June 2012

“I’ve worked with a lot of consultants over the last seven years, and I’m pleased to say that working with Robin Elliott has been a great decision, it has impacted my business intensely. I’ve learned things that, after 23 years in business, I had no idea about. Robin takes a different approach. Working with him has been amazing and really opened my eyes.”

Jennifer Desloges Jade Electrolysis May 6, 2012



I’ve known Robin for several years now and find him creative, honest, enthusiastic and amazing at creating new revenue ideas for businesses. If your business has gotten to a stand still, Robin can definitely help turn it around. Highly recommended. Robin can teach you how to leverage what you have and turn it into additional revenue with very little additional effort. He is creative, resourceful, honest and genuinely cares about others.

I would recommend Robin to all of my friends to learn the power of joint ventures.

Scott Berg Managing Partner Trade Exchange Canada

April 23 ,2012

What an honour and a privilege it is to work with Robin J. Elliott! We have been involved with his joint ventures since 2009, and have side income coming in on a regular basis.  It is great to learn that a great deal of our profits come from the “back end”, and not the front end. By implementing just some of the things that Robin teaches, we are enjoying a steady side income form joint ventures. Robin has opened our eyes to the possibilities of what can be achieved through the power of joint ventures.  We have learned that he teaches what he does, himself. What a pleasure working with Robin and other people of integrity that we have met through our association with him. Many thanks to Robin. He is our friend and mentor. Sincerely, Rodger & Christine Till Memro Management Group

April 15,2012

“I met Robin J. Elliott in 2004 at a business function. In 2008 I went to one of his full day workshops and learned a ton. The strategies are simple, from negotiating to added value strategies.  I applied few of the strategies that I learned and doubled my revenues 3 years in a row, then open new branches across Canada.

I recommend meeting with Robin to learn how to add value, establish your unique selling proposition, improve your negotiation skills and sales skills, maximize existing marketing strategies to improve profits, build yourself on-going revenues, and much more.”

Lucie Woods SalesPartners Worldwide

January 30, 2012Estrellita Gonzales

“I have had the opportunity to work with Robin Elliott of www.dollarmakers.com over the last two months. During this time he has been a weekly support to me as a Business Coach. He has provided me with both contacts and a number of insights with a focus on marketing initiatives, joint ventures and solid business strategies. I have found him to be innovative, direct and committed to the principle of results; he wants me to make more money and that is what it is all about isn’t it? He is passionate about helping people make more money whether it be through joint ventures or business coaching. Who doesn’t want that?! I recommend Robin highly and I am happy to offer this testimonial as to why.”

Estrellita Gonzalez http://ca.linkedin.com/in/estrellitagonzalez


January 28, 2012

“Robin gave me a new perspective of my business and personal life. He thinks out of the box. Ken S. Chahal

His focus on dealing with solutions rather than focus on problems has a positive effect in getting the job done. I highly recomend Robin for his deep insight and simplicity to provide solutions in our complex world.”

Ken K.S. Chahal, Managing Director, AdXperts


Nov. 4, 2011 Dear Robin, I wanted to take a moment to thank you for sharing your wisdom, your knowledge and your experience via the numerous books, websites, blogs and seminars you put on. Joint Adventures was one of the most engaging andGreg Douglas most-difficult books I’ve ever read. I only say “difficult” because it was tough getting through it – I was constantly putting it down, grabbing a notebook and scribbling out plans for new directions and new opportunities that were in front of me, yet for years remained unseen. The very first week after reading your book, I was able to see an opportunity in front of me and immediately recognized it as having been one of literally hundreds that I had not noticed in several years in business. By following through on the content you provided, I was able to add over a quarter million dollars in revenue to my business – all with no risk, absolutely zero cost to me, and using very little time to materialize it. I have set up a few more joint venture arrangements in the years since and continue to prosper from your teachings. Your words, wise as they may be, are like anything else – without having them put into motion, they remain simply words. However if anyone learning your information decides to act upon the ideas, there is literally nothing to lose and no limit to what can be gained. I wholeheartedly recommend your materials to any serious entrepreneur. When you announced your mentorship program, I didn’t even bother asking what all was involved or how much it cost. Even without a particular business challenge at-hand, just knowing I have you as a trusted resource is money in the bank. Thanks for sharing your ideas and making the economy a better place, Greg Douglas Owner & President Douglas Environmental www.douglasenviro.ca


Luke Avedon, Irvine, California – October 2011

“I always thought that to be in business for myself I would first need tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars in order to buy a business. Or I would have to learn a trade and start a service business from the ground up. I imagined I would have to spend every waking moment delivering the service or product, managing employees, haggling with vendors—and most depressing of all—paying enormous bills to maintain a huge overhead. Luckily, Robin taught me all I had to do was joint venture deals. All I had to learn was what to ask for and how to ask. You really can make deals with other businesses all you have to do is ask. It’s invaluable to have someone like Robin, who has actually done it, show you the way. Robin has saved me countless days of frustration (and continues to do so) by telling me exactly what works and what does NOT work. He is an extremely caring teacher who really takes the time to point you in the right direction. He might not always tell you what you want to hear but he will always be honest with you. He will shortcut your path to success. Please let any of your prospects know they can call me at 424-354-8171 or e-mail me at lavedon@gmail.com if they have any questions about working with you. I am always happy to vouch for you Robin.” Luke Avedon Irvine, CA 92612 I offer FREE Procurement Serivces for small and large companies. I work primarily with “Special Buys” and “Bargain Deals” and can save you money on your purchase(s) of merchandise, supplies, raw materials, equipment, machinery or fixtures.


Liza Lee , Vancouver, 2011Liza J. Lee I want to thank you and Robin for the JV training bootcamps I took in 2010. Here’s an example of how it helped me. One of my JVs in 2010 worked out in commercial real estate building listing in downtown Vancouver. My commercial realtor friend gave me an agreed percentage of his commissions this spring. This helped me put a downpayment on a new condo in East Vancouver. So I moved in June and have been enjoying it. :-)


Dick LowDick Low – Vancouver, BC

September, 2011: I met Robin back in May 2009 after going through many ideas and so-called guru’s. Robin’s no-nonsense approach and guidance taught me strategies that I now apply within my own business and has proven itself over and over. Some strategies work within my business; others will not. The key to using Robin’s strategies do not lie with using any one particular strategy, but to use multiple variations in order to ensure success. I’m extremely grateful to have met someone of Robin’s character. Not only do I consider himself a mentor, but also a friend. Thanks for all you do and for who you are!


Ryan Ossevorth – Edmonton, AB Over $100,000 In Revenues In Just a Few months… I just wanted to let you know how much good you are doing in the world with your message. I was hesitant after attending my first Dollarmakers seminar in reading Atlas Shrugged. You waiving the largest copy on record at the time I think. I am an avid reader and even I hesitated for two years before taking it on. After reading that, I immediately started on The Fountainhead. Books aside, I would like to say how much good has come into my life as a result of finding the words you promote. Taking to heart Ayn Rand, Joint Ventures and the application of the Dollarmakers philosophy I was able to joint venture two fledging businesses from hand to mouth to over $100,000.00 in revenues in less than a few months. Anyone who says that joint ventures Don’t work isn’t doing it right. I would just like to say what a difference and lasting impact your words have made not only monetarily but philosophically as well. This is a metaphorical pat on the back, but moreso a heartfelt Thank You for the hard work you have put in.


Pratima Ramlall – Edmonton, AB Quadrupled Our Business We have been applying joint venture principles to our business model, and in a short period have quadrupled our business and increased our income quite a bit.


Tas MorfopoulosTas Morfopoulos Sterling Water Systems – Vancouver, Canada Over $640,000 in One Year Using Joint Ventures:

“Within this circle I have given liberally of my time where I could help and have enjoyed great reward. Since handing over my $247 USD membership last year to Robin I have seen $470,000 in cash coming to my company, $100,000 in new business flowing to another member company and an additional $80,000 in contracts issued by my company to members. Joint venturing works.

I’ve found that being interested in people rather then trying to be interesting myself opens doors to business and opportunity that otherwise wouldn’t be there. I’ve had fun with Robin Elliott and made money – lot’s of it. He has demonstrated time and time again the ability to make something out of nothing – and that is the definition of Create!”


Dr. Kumar Ramlall, BSc,MD,FRCPC,FAAP,FCCP (Ped. Resp) Edmonton AB Saved Over $125,000 in One Year with Joint Ventures:

Dear Robin, I wanted to thank you for your efforts on behalf of all Dollarmaker members. I would like to tell you of one circumstance whereby the information you provided saved my family up front costs of $125,000, provided us Dr. Kumar Ramlallwith an income of $50,000/year, and passive income from the business of $30,000/year. More importantly, the income from this medical facility has allowed me to stop being on-call on nights and weekends, and to spend more time with my family, other businesses, and our passion for helping parents help their own children.

The patients, my partners, and my family are all delighted. I am a Respiratory Specialist Physician and based on patient need was going to set up a medical laboratory in my field. My family was going to put out the upfront capital and was going to pay for a location, advertising, and operational costs for this business along with dealing with the uncertainty as to whether our facility was going to be a preferred provider compared to other services available. My wife attended one of your Bootcamps 101 alone as I was at work and she purchased your workbook.

I read the material that very night and decided to make some big changes to my proposal. In exchange for profit which I was going to have to share anyway, I negotiated that since I had intellectual capital, qualification, and a track record of being able to set up this facility, that the other partners should put up the money and that I should be paid a consultation fee. In return, the patients of the partners would have first access (a tremendous advantage in the setting of limited resources) and the partners would have equity share. They agreed and this led to the current agreement and the results listed above. The power of a different way of thinking, information, and action are incredible. Thank you very much.


Patrick GiesbrechtPatrick Giesbrecht – Abbotsford, BC Changed the Way I Do Business Robin Elliott’s teaching has changed the way I do business. I used to think building a business was risky and expensive. Robin showed me how to build my business using no money and no risk; just some time . Not only did I get to meet some winners by going to the boot camp, Robin has continued to take an interest in my success often taking time to respond to my queries.

By adding just 1 of his strategies to my experience, IN MY EXISTING BUSINESS, I make an additional $5000 per month. It’s not completely work free; I still put in about 8 hours per month maintaining it. Not everything I have tried has worked, and a couple have outright failed; but in spite of that within 7 months of attending his boot camp I was financially free. The point is that besides the initial cost of the boot camp there was no risk whatsoever. I highly recommend anyone looking to take the risk out of business and increase your profits attend this next boot camp. I’ll be there!


David Dubeau – Kamloops, BC How a “Redneck” from Ft. St. John went from $0 to $60,000 per month in Just 18 Months: It required no big investment, very little advertising and no expensive equipment or warehousing. It started with an idea. Though I was born and raised right here in BC, for quite a few years, I bounced around Central America and eventually settled in Costa Rica where I married my beautiful wife Susy and had two children, a boy and a girl. In 2003, out of concern for our children, we decided to move back to BC and eventually settled in Kamloops. At first, it was a little difficult to get started again. In Costa Rica, I had founded a very large English-As-A-Second language school, catering to local companies that needed to have their staff learn English for international travel.

But I had a hard time in Canada. I got into “creative” real estate and flipped a few properties, I tried my hand in the advertising business and started a marketing consulting business, but things weren’t great by any means. There never seemed to be enough money in the bank account. I felt like a loser. I tried to keep the financial situation away from my wife, but she wasn’t stupid. We argued constantly about the situation. There were times I even felt like just giving up.David Dubeau In desperation, I searched high and low for a solution… Anything to get me out of the tens of thousands of dollars of debt and away from the feeling that I was a failure. One day, almost by accident, the solution appeared as if by magic. An invitation to attend a one-time-only seminar featuring a fellow named Robin J. Elliott. He promised to introduce a series of techniques that would allow anybody to create a lot of income quickly with a minimum amount of investment.

Frankly, I was a little skeptical, but decided to try anyways. I charged my credit card (once more) for the $1,000 it cost, and did the 9 hour round trip to Vancouver to attend. I’m so glad I did because I picked up one idea that would completely change my life. Over the past two years, this one, single idea has helped me create a business that regularly brings in over $60,000 a month. This one single idea has given me a whole new lease on life. It has completely eliminated my debt, allowed me to put together a good sized investment portfolio, and best of all, has stopped all money arguments with my wife. We now live in a beautiful 3-story house overlooking Kamloops, I’m able to drive my kids to school in the morning and then head over to my office – just a 5-minute drive away. After a good day of work, I get to go home to spend some quality time with the family in the evenings.


Raul Urrutia The greatest tragedy in life is not death, there is something greatest than death, Not knowing what is stopping you is a tragedy, Not knowing what is frustrating you that is a disaster, Even worst knowing what is making you sad, bitter, anger, frustrate and not doing anything about it, That is a Real Tragedy, that is a Real Misfortune. I strongly urge you to read this book BREAK FREE before any other book about business. You must to BREAK FREE. Do yourself a favor and play full out with every single exercise Mr. Robin tell you to do. That’s what I did. I want this book affect you so much and so positively that you will be unable to stop telling everybody to read it. Break free, happy and successful Thank you Mr. Robin, Raul Urrutia


One of the best seminars I have ever attended! Robin bypasses all of the “fluff” and provides realistic steps to achieving financial success! A very inspiring day! Ken Uzoaba – Ottawa, ON


“My wife and I have already made a substantial amount within 3 ½ weeks with this program and I had not even taken the Bootcamp at that point. After taking the Bootcamp I can just imagine what I and my wife Cathie will be doing in future. I expect to make $20,000 per month extra using this information.” Rene Vincent, President, RJV Enterprises.


To Whom it May Concern This letter serves to confirm that I have known Robin Elliott since October 2003. I have regular contact with him as I purchased a printing and promotional products operation from him during December 2003. While in negotiations with Robin I found him to be very knowledgeable regarding the businesses that he had and also extremely well informed as to the Canadian market place. During these negotiations Robin was most helpful in guiding me in the purchase of my business venture. At no time did he put me under any pressure to buy and as a matter of fact, he encouraged me to explore all the other options that I was looking at. He was also most supportive in providing me with lots of information that aided me in my decision making. Since purchasing the business I have received regular and ongoing support and encouragement from Robin. He regularly calls me and always follows up and delivers on any undertaking that he makes. He is a highly skilled and motivated person that thrives on using these skills to help the people that he comes into contact with. I spent 25 years in the corporate financial world, and I can honestly say that I have never experienced such true, honest dedication and commitment from a person in the service industry.

Stuart Lategan, Carry On Marketing Enterprises Inc. Toronto


To Whom It May Concern: It is with pleasure that I provide this reference commendation of Mr. Robin Elliott. I do this without any hesitation or equivocation. Mr. Robin Elliott is honest, a man of integrity and an advisor “par excellence.” He is a superb man of integrity and a most innovative entrepreneur. I have spoken with others about Mr. Elliott and they share this assessment of Mr. Elliott. If you wish to contact me for further information, please do so. Regards Sam Sussman

Dr. Sam Sussman, Ph.D, Fellow Royal Academy of Medicine in Ireland Assistant Professor of Psychiatry,The University of Western Ontario World Association of Medical Editors (WAME) President and CEO Physicians Canada


I have known Robin Elliott for 19 years. Robin made me aware of the potential to turn an in-house, high-tech print shop that I had put together into a national structured business opportunity. Robin assisted me throughout the development stage of the project with invaluable advice and inputs and, when it was ready to launch, personally canvassed the buyers of the first two PrintAffords. These two sales alone were worth in excess of $120 000 to me. PrintAfford now boast 29 business owners established in 6 provinces of South Africa. It would be hard to over estimate Robins share in my success, and impossible to put a realistic monetary value on his input. Enough said that PrintAfford has to date generated in excess of $2 million over the past 4 years. If It was not for Robin Elliott’s vision and encouragement, PrintAfford would never have come into existence.”

Marnus Roothman Managing Member PrintAfford SA


“A colleague whom I have come to know as a capable businessman – As an innovative business development specialist and trainer, I am confident that you will find your collaboration with him a productive undertaking.” Earl W. Yates, Country Director, U.S. Peace Corps, Southern Africa


My husband and I opened up a new dental practice just over five years ago. He had already been a dentists for ten years; however, due to a medical condition, he had to sell his former practice and leave dentistry entirely for just over two years. When we started “ProActive Dental Studio” in 1999, we had no patients. We found a good, central location for our clinic, but were trying to find ways to build… In 2001, I joined the Surrey Chamber of Commerce where I met Robin Elliott. I attended one of his marketing presentations, and was very impressed by his content and delivery of the information. I signed up for a complimentary consultation, and decided to hire Robin to help us with our image, service, and advertising models. He gave us innumerable ideas to help lift the profile of our dental studio, as well as very practical advice on how to keep patients happy. He helped us implement a great referral program, and encouraged many points of “positive contact” with our patients.

He challenged us to become the “premiere” dental facility in the region – a goal a goal which I believe we have achieved! Robin has great depth of experience and knowledge in a number of fields. He knows what works and what doesn’t. He knows where it is worthwhile to spend money, and where it is not to… Although the success of the dental studio is based on many factors, I believe that Robin was the stimulus to get us all going. In five short years,. we are one of the top performing practices in the Lower mainland. I would have no hesitation in recommending Robin to others in the dental profession. He is a man of utmost integrity, and delivers everything he promises. Sincerely,

Cheri L. Guze, BA, MBA Manager – Proactive Dental Studio.


“My company consists of four tire and automotive service centers and we employ 60 people. We have been in business for 27 years and are well respected in our industry. Our customers become our friends. Robin has proven to be reliable, well organized and punctual. He is believable and worthwhile. I expect overall sales to increase by over 20 % to $10 million this coming year, much as a direct result of his systems, staff training, management training and input. I wish I had met Robin years earlier to have implemented training and improved our systems.

Robin is up to date on the latest and best marketing trends. I have no trepidation and complete confidence in recommending Robin’s services to any business that is serious about significant growth without a high cost. Be a partner in a motivational experience!

M. Endersby


After my first meeting with Robin, I knew that he was the right choice to put together our Business Opportunity Licensing package. ($15,000). He completely fulfilled everything that was promised and in fact went beyond what was expected of him. Not only did he give us a quality, first rate job but another aspect of the way Robin does business which I really appreciate is that he makes himself available at all times. The experience that we at Freedom Ventures have had with Robin is very positive. In fact what first started out as a consulting/marketing relationship has turned into a friendship of mutual respect and trust. Thank you Robin.

Larry Schmidt President Freedom Ventures


If you are considering starting your own business you must read this book by Robin Elliott. And if you already have your own business and want to find new and risk free ways of growing it, buy this book and read it again and again. Robin will show you ways to get business that I had thought of but could not execute in my 14 years of business. In just two weeks since reading the book I have been able to implement the ideas with four separate clients with great success. One deal alone will net my company $60K profit this year. Some books try to get you to buy the book with the title and then do not deliver.

This book delivers. With many of the ideas that Robin gives you, you do not need any money or risk to implement them. I know it sounds impossible – I was skeptical as well – so I bought the book, read it, read it again, and then tested a few of the ideas that would cost no money. They worked – I say the risk I have now is not using more of the ideas in the book. The book is easy to read and you can and must read it again and again to get the ideas that you may have missed the first time you read it. Buy it, read it and make money with it.

Dan Murphy from San Diego, CA


“I have attended numerous seminars on a variety of subjects, but learned more in one hour from Robin Elliott than I have in other events which were several days in length. He is brilliant, totally professional and immensely entertaining. Subsequent to the meeting, Robin contracted to work for an organization with which I am closely affiliated. He has performed miracles in a very short span of time. He has a remarkable facility for helping people and businesses to become the best that they can be.”

Carrie Hunter Executive Director SilverStar Motion Picture Institute Vancouver, B.C.


“A Rotarian for years, Charter Member of our club – one of the driving forces – member in good standing – we highly recommend him as an asset to any club.” Terry Watkins, Secretary, Rotary Club of Hatfield, Pretoria, South Africa