My Experience at Robin’s Bootcamp

05df62fIt’s true – My wife, my father and myself drove 3,528km from Edmonton to Toronto to attend our first Joint Venture Broker Bootcamp by Robin Elliott. And when it was over we turned around and drove back.

7056km round trip. And we did it in a total of 5 days. Well actually less really – here’s the quick version.

It was an ALL-DAY Saturday Bootcamp in 2006. We left our house Thursday evening. We drove straight through (taking turns driving) to Toronto and got there Saturday morning at 3AM. I had a friend we could stay with, so we got there and immediately crashed on his floor.

We woke up 3 hours later, and I opened up my brand new Sony HDR-FX1 camera I had ordered and had my friend Pick-Up from the store the day before. This was a major purchase, that I wanted to have before the Bootcamp because I had spoken with Robin and I wanted to video tape it for our upcoming website Yes, I wanted to commit to that project with Robin before I’d even made it to a Bootcamp.

So we woke up at 6am, and we were at the Bootcamp venue by 8:30 – it was to start at 9am. I was rushing to get my Camera setup (still learning the thing because I had just opened it 2 hours earlier).

To put it simply, it was an awesome bootcamp, in an awesome venue, with awesome people in attendance. It ended and we went back to my friends to sleep. We slept from 10:30 that night to 9am Sunday morning. We woke up, went for Breakfast and were leaving Toronto by 11:30am.

And we arrived home Monday evening. So technically it was only actually 96 hours.

It was completely worth the $3,000 Bootcamp fees and the time and money spent getting there. That bootcamp – honestly – changed my professional life. It turned my business around, turned my confidence around, and made me a better person.

Oh, and I forgot to say – my wife made us stop at Chapters so she could buy Atlas Shrugged for the drive home. Which, once you’ve gone through a course by Robin Elliott, you’ll end up reading too, if you haven’t already.

Over 3 years ago, our only option was to attend a Bootcamp in person. And we had to travel to get there. All 3 of us wanted to go, and the best way to make that happen at the time was to drive. When it was over, all we had was our personal notes and memories to learn from and refer back to. There was a Bootcamp Manual too, but it was all in point form.

Shawn Christenson