Monetize Your Connections

Erika Trip 019Earn ongoing commissions by introducing prospects to these 10 excellent, highly recommended services:

The EASIEST money you’ll ever make. When you hear of someone who could use one of these services, simply connect them, and let the service provider do the selling and explaining. No work, no selling, just connecting the chums and collecting the checks. That’s it! Connect and Collect! One phone call and email can earn you serious, ongoing commissions. You can also actively market these services, of course, as long as you track the responses. Every business owner you meet has needs. If it happens to be one of these, connect and collect! You’re doing them a favour by connecting them with a service they need.

1. Find out about my favourite project – build a substantial monthly income and your investments starts at zero (Ideally at least $470 once off) Click Here

2. Exceptional Interior Designer in Vancouver – the best in Canada – clients will pay her between $20k and $40K – earn 10% commission.

3. Sell this business for $12,000 and earn a $2,000 commission.

4. Sell these books and earn 20% commission each.

5. Introduce companies to my Recruiting Program and earn 10% commission – see

6. Get clients for an expert in blogging and social media and earn 10% commission.

7. Introduce clients to this service that can replace pipes for much less than conventional pipes. International, proven business – any pipes – electrical, water, oil, airports, factories, homes. British Columbia and Alberta only. Earn 10% commission.

8. Construction, renovations, upgrades, investment in construction projects in Canada – earn 10% commission.

9. Get a client for the best digital marketing expert I ever met – any business or project, tailormade and proven. I introduce him to all my clients – earn

10% commission.

10. Get me coaching clients – earn 10% commission.

Interested? Contact me. I will not coach you how to market these services, but I will connect you with the service providers if I feel you are worth their time and effort and perhaps give you some ideas. We all provide some form of marketing material and ideas. No tire kickers or brain pickers, please.