How I Used this Recruiting Breakthrough Program to Snag a “Big Fish”


This is a story about how I recently recruited a person of great influence into my group…I’m not sharing this to impress you, but to impress upon you to have the courage to go after people of influence.

We have the best company and the best product in the world…be proud to take this opportunity to anyone, no matter who they are or their profession! I’ve been listening to Robin Elliott’s training sessions on Nitsa’s Monday Night Team Huddle Calls, and I must say that Robin Elliott knows what he’s talking about…I’ve even put a small part of what he teaches into practice lately, and it worked!

Below is my personal story of how I recently recruited someone of influence — someone that I personally met only once for about 5 minutes many years ago.

Several years ago, a friend of mine and I attended a meeting about preserving and protecting our United States Constitution. The featured speaker was a great American statesman who once held one of the highest positions of law enforcement possible.When the meeting was over, me and my friend hung around and got to meet him briefly. I can’t remember exactly how I got his mobile number because it was such a long time ago, but somehow I managed to get it. (Always make sure to get a persons contact information or business card for future reference)

So over the years I’ve had his number in my phone but I’ve never talked to him… and even though I’ve been involved in a few different networking opportunities since then, I’ve never felt that any of those business opportunities were worthy of me calling him. Well, that all changed a few weeks ago when I decided to give him a call about Karatbars. It wasn’t easy to get a hold of him due to his busy schedule… he’s constantly flying all over the country with different speaking engagements… but after a couple of weeks of back and forth email correspondence and briefly speaking on the phone here and there, he finally agreed this past weekend to come on board with me in Karatbars.

I used what Robin Elliot teaches in his training — I offered him something of value – I offered him a personal joint venture or partnership — I told him that if he joined with me, I would commit to helping him build his group…I told him that I would be acting as his agent so to speak, and that I would work on his behalf with his contacts. He told me that he believed in the Karatbars concept but he just didn’t have the time… he said he was committed to what he was currently doing and worked approximately 80 hours a week and was constantly traveling.

I offered to help him leverage himself by using me and my time… since I am working full time with Karatbars, I offered to devote some of my time to help him – our partnership was formed because we both brought something to the table…he has the influence and the contacts and I have the time! He said he has an email list of over 15,000 people, and said that he would pass out flyers at all of his speaking engagements as well.

A strategy or game plan will be developed on the best way to market his Karatbars business to his contacts…I will be acting on his behalf due to the fact that his time is extremely limited. Over time however, I believe there’s a good chance that he will become more and more engaged with Karatbars as his level of conviction grows, and eventually he may take it upon himself to do more and more with his Karatbars business. (Just because someone starts out with a particular mindset or in a particular way , it doesn’t mean they’ll remain that way)

And last but not least, Nitsa Nakos was very instrumental in this whole thing coming together — 3-way calls for third party validation is a key part of building Karatbars, no matter who your prospect may be. We had a couple of 3-way calls with him during the few weeks of back and forth phone calls, and Nitsa helped me close the deal on our last phone call this past weekend when he committed to come on board with our group.

Bottom line:
Go after people of influence — offer them value like Robin Elliott teaches…if you have the time to help them and they have the contacts and influence, then a personal joint venture can be formed that’s mutually beneficial.

To your success!
Mac Newcomb, Summit, Mississippi (Original Available.)