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Are you working too hard for too little?


Many owners feel they have lost a bit of control in their salons and spas. Please review this information now, because it will provide you with a means to not only get back in charge of of business profits, but to double them ~ imagine what that will do for you!

Do you want your chairs filled with loyal clients who come back every six weeks and buy what you suggest?
Your profits to multiply, even when your chairs and beds are all filled?
To cut your advertising and marketing budgets to ribbons?
Want to attract great stylists and keep them?
To be the “Only Act in Town”?
Want steady cash flow?
Want more referrals than you can handle?
Want to be able to charge whatever you like?

Say goodbye to GroupOn, risky and expensive advertising, price wars with your competition, and pricey gimmicks that simply don’t work. Say hello to Robin Elliott and his Team.

Imagine if you had eight proven, customizable systems that you could put into play that would fill all the seats and beds in your hair salon, beauty salon, nail bar or spa, with no cost or risk.

Imagine if you could create a spa and salon experience that was second to none, in that you could add massive, unprecedented value – again at no cost or risk – to each visit. We have a number of systems that can be tailored to your unique circumstances for that, too.

Now imagine, that instead of the usual upselling, price gouging, and hard selling that so many use because they know of no alternative, you could massively increase your profits with multiple new income sources, all at 100% profit? And all at no cost or risk, and no selling?

To see if you qualify for my personal coaching and it’s a fit for you, please contact us now for a complimentary interview by telephone or Skype in North America, or Skype in Australia and New Zealand.

Robin Elliott, former Salon Development Director for Redken, Wella, and Goldwell in South Africa has spent 15 years in North America and has trained thousands of salon owners and employees. In this book, his fifteenth, he shares some of the secrets he uses to double and quadruple the profits in salons and spas. Mr. Elliott borrows ideas from his 26 years teaching Collaborative Marketing to multiple industries in seminars across North America, the United Kingdom and Africa.

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Lucia Fernandez, Los Angeles

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$ Learn the secrets of the world’s best salons
$ Leave your competition in the dust
$ Be the salon, nail bar, or spa everybody’s talking about
$ Find out how to work ON your business, not IN it
$ Discover why the average salon owner never makes enough money to retire
$ Get this Magic Money Manual NOW

Is this only applicable to Hair Salons? NO!

This information is applicable in Nail Bars, Beauty Salons, and Spas as well.

Why Apply for Robin Elliott’s Personal Coaching Program?

You can Fast Forward Your Success by having Robin Elliott and his Team personally mentor you one-on-one via Skype or the phone to build your salon sales and profits fast – contact us for more information on our Salon Coaching Program

How can Beauty Product companies benefit from working with Robin Elliott?

If you qualify, he can do for you what her did for Wella, Goldwell, Redken, and others. Contact us for more information – please provide some information about your company, your location and products, etc. HERE

Lizzie Osborne, London

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Lale Senay, Vancouver

More Testimonials

What the Beauty Industry has to say about Robin Elliott’s services: (Originals available on request.)

“I am excited to implement all the fantastic ideas that Robin has to grow my business and increase my profit!”
Christy Denton, Cranberries Spa, Vancouver 

“I would like to thank you for the presentation you made to our company. The feedback from the managers has been outstanding. You have certainly made an impression. They found it informative and motivating. I do hope you can return soon, as I feel you would become a great asset to our company.”
– Ron Love, Carlton Hair International, Orange County, California.

“We would like to thank you for a very inspirational and informative presentation – we’ve only received praise thus far!”
– Neel Smit, Promotions Manager, Friseur Division, Wella, South Africa.

“For those who had never before seen or heard a dynamic delivery [at the Wella Hair Show] from that motivational fundi, Robin Elliott, it was a gratifying experience.”
– SA Hairdressing & Beauty Culture Magazine.

“Robin Elliott has an infinite array of qualifications… has successfully trained many salons… If you want better staff and client loyalty, higher sales and profits, better client
referrals and retention….Should you wish to have Robin in YOUR salon, contact Ursula at Redken…INVEST in your business”
– Darrel Watt, Redken National Education Director.

MTA 5073 (New York City Bus)

“The new Salon Development Director for Redken, Robin J. Elliott, is well known for his salon training and has achieved great results in improving profits, higher sales and staff motivation.”
– Hair and Beauty magazine.

“There has been a growth in sales of over 50%”
– Angela Lewis, Ahead of Hair.

“Your motivational input has had a drastic difference in our lives. Sincere thanks for your contribution to our success. We highly recommend you to any business”
– Douglas Nell, Alan Paul Hairdressing.

“After only two months, we have experienced tremendous growth.”
– Thomas Jewell, Straight A-Head

“Our weekly sales have increased from an average of $7,500 to an unprecedented $13,799 in one week. Invaluable! Any business that desires success, should make use
of Robin’s services.”
– Rowland Harvey, Rowland’s Hair Design.

“The knowledge and guidance we have acquired over the past months will always be well utilized. Thanks for your tremendous input and support.”
– Giovanni Battista Hair and Beauty.

“The sales of products has doubled and it’s the highest it’s been since we started business.”
– Hair Centre.


Any Salon, Anywhere, can experience these results. Minimum Risk and Time, Minimum Cost, Maximum Results. Thank you for reviewing this page.


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