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409494_10150549474655723_704515722_9400521_2024244499_nRobin Elliott and his wife, Rika Elliott, started their business in 1987 in South Africa. In 1997 they immigrated to Canada (Vancouver), where they have continued to build their business into the world leader in teaching practical business systems to the owners of small and medium sized businesses, specializing in collaboration and leverage.

His 28 years of experience with thousands of businesses in a wide variety of industries in Africa, Canada, the United Kingdom, and United States has provided him with a wide frame of reference. He excels in RECRUITING TRAINING and he has done very well in the beauty industry, too.

He uses every tool at his disposal to assist business owners to increase their sales and profits, including seminars, sales training for salespeople, and Robin’s Coaching Program, the Leverage Advantage System. He provides access to tried and true, tested Joint Venture systems that you can plug into. Collaborative marketing is the most sophisticated, high return, low risk system in existence.

There is no limit to what business can attain with Joint Ventures, and you can do it as fast as you wish. There are ready made systems available as well. You will reap what you sow. We provide all the tools, support, and training you need to succeed.

Robin J. ElliottRobin Elliott – Principle

Robin Elliott started helping individuals, professionals, and the owners of small and medium sized businesses to use Joint Ventures to create financial freedom in 1987. He is the author of 15 books and he presents seminars across North America and the United Kingdom. He specializes in using collaboration, reciprocation, and leverage to increase his clients’ sales and profits and his strongest suit is teaching recruiting.

He practices what he preaches and runs his business with no overhead, employees, inventory, cost, or risk, and he has retired twice. 90% of his income is from Joint Ventures, and only 10% comes from his coaching and speaking engagements. He built a Network Marketing business Team to over 10,000 people, reaching the top rank.

Robin Elliott has trained thousands of small business owners and sales teams around the world since 1987. He has run his own sales team of 18 salespeople, trained Million Dollar Round Table insurance salespeople, and has been selling all his life, from furniture, paper and oil to life insurance, self development programs and real estate. He has run his own business for ten years in South Africa and eighteen years in Canada. He has qualifications and training in DiSC personality assessments (Thomas International), Military Intelligence, BA Theology, Psychology (University of South Africa), Sales Management (Dale Carnegie), Hotel Management (SA Hotel School), Transactional Analysis (Holiday Inn University), Neuro Linguistic Programming, and more. He is up to date on the latest information available.

He works with his wife of 29 years, Rika Elliott. They live happily in Vancouver, Canada, and they have four children and six grandchildren. They enjoy reading, walking, and riding their bicycles.

Robin was a Finalist in the Ernst and Young “Against All Odds” Entrepreneurial Award and he has won 11 International Sales Awards from Success Motivation International.

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