A Secure Residual Monthly Income for You

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This is how you can create a secure and stable income

between $42,500 and $342,000 per year

by clicking your mouse for ten minutes a day

$42,500 per year without any recruiting / sponsoring

Up to $342,000 (and more) by introducing just ten good people (or more)

Get Paid to Advertise any Website!

All figures are in Canadian Dollars

We have residual bills. Why not enjoy residual income?


  • A profit sharing advertising business that operates over the Internet worldwide
  • 95% of all revenues are distributed back to Members in the form of profit sharing (similar to a Co-Op or Costco)
  • Profits are credited every 20 minutes (not once a month)
  • Only one Membership per household is permitted
  • Fixed maximum participation is allowed – 1,200 shares (ad packs with profit sharing)
  • Profit sharing is limited to the recovery of cost of ad plus 20% – currently in approximately 100 days. This means that when you purchase an ad pack for $50 you get back $60 in profit share on that purchase

This is the best business model because:

  • No inventory
  • No Shipping Costs
  • Low Overhead (work from home)
  • High Profits
  • Recession Proof
  • Always in Demand, because it serves ALL other businesses.


  • Network Marketing (MLM): You only get commissions on those you directly sponsor if you wish to sponsor (recruit)
  • a Pay Per Click Program: You don’t get paid every time you click on an ad. But you are required to click on ten ads of your choice every day. That’s what takes 10 minutes a day.
  •  a Stock or an Investment: You are purchasing advertising with each credit pack, so this is not a true investment although you do share in the profits as one would from a Co-op.
  • Pyramid Scheme: Anyone at any time can build a successful business and earn substantially more than the person who introduced them or even those who got in much earlier. Your earnings are based on your effort, as with any business.
  • a PONZI SCHEME: This is evidenced by the fact that they restrict purchases and force withdrawals on money reaching the maximum of 1,200 Credit Packs.

YouTube is the first known company to share advertising revenues. This has now resulted in advertisers paying premium rates for placing ads on certain channels because of the high number of people watching. This is no different from how top TV shows work.

What You are Required to Do 

1. Purchase a Membership (from US$24.99 per year). Premium Membership (US$99 semi-annually) is free for the first 30 days.

2. Look at 10 ads in the system every 24 hours (takes less than 10 minutes a day).  Minimum subscription US$49.00 (I Unit / Credit Pack)


1. Profit Sharing: 15% in about 100 days currently

2. Sales from Advertising: Use the advertising platform to advertise any legal business (not gambling) or product. Every Credit Pack / Share you purchase buys you 550 adverts. NOTE: It is not necessary to advertise anything in order to participate.

3. Direct Sponsorship: Earn up to 10% on their purchases paid instantly.

Now Watch this Video


Now watch this video

So you join MAP and buy $500 worth of advertising and you get back $600 in about 100 days. You use the $600 to buy more advertising and get paid on that again.
Then you introduce Tom. He buys $500 worth of advertising and you get a $50 commission. Tom gets back $600 in about 100 days. He buys more advertising and gets paid on that again, and you continue to get 10% on everything he ever purchases. It’s simply wonderful.

Get Paid to Advertise Your Business

Get Paid for Exceptional Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Make Your Money Work for You


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